The benefits of Metalphoto in the aerospace industry

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By Lauren Rowles | Dec 21, 2017
Aerospace Metalphoto

Are you in need of an extremely durable and high-resolution nameplate? Look no further than Metalphoto. This incredibly dependable and innovative material and process is gaining recognition in its uses for nameplates, placards, serial plates, asset tags, and more. GMN Aerospace has been supplying Metalphoto parts to our customers in the aerospace industry for decades. Metalphoto nameplates are crisp, clear, and easy to produce in high quantities with variable images/data.

Looking back on 2014 at GMN Aerospace

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By Carlo Mears | Jan 13, 2015
Looking Back on 2014

2014 was an eventful year for GMN Aerospace. We celebrated our 60th anniversary, welcomed new members to our team, as well as expanded our machinery and capabilities. As we celebrate the New Year, let’s review what a great year 2014 was at GMN Aerospace!

New look of GMN Aerospace

We kicked off the new year releasing a new look and website for GMN Aerospace. The website was redone to be easier to navigate and better reflect GMN Aerospace’s value proposition. In addition, it features better design, new photos, and improved content.

First Parts Delivered from New CTP Machine

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By Mark Evans | May 16, 2014
CTP Machine

GMN Aerospace is proud to announce the first production parts to come off of our new Computer to Plate (CTP) machine in our metalphoto department. As we mentioned in an earlier blog we qualified the new machine in ­March. After we received approval from the Boeing Aircraft Company for BAC parts, six initial parts were selected as our flagship run, all of which shipped last month.

Looking into 2014 at GMN Aerospace

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By Elise Harrington | Jan 17, 2014
Looking Into 2014

Earlier this week we posted about the highlights of the last year at GMN Aerospace. While, its only January we already have a lot to look forward to in 2014.

CTP Qualified – At the end of last year we purchased a new Computer to Plate machine for our metalphoto department. We are excited to announce that we just qualified the new equipment. We are excited for the many benefits the new equipment will bring to our customers this year.