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Anna Minzel, GMN
By Anna Minzel | Jul 26, 2017
Magni-lens doming can increase the life of a nameplate tenfold

GM Nameplate (GMN) worked with Elkhart Plastics to create a nameplate for one of their products: Kong Coolers. After several months of back-and-forth communication, GMN and Elkhart Plastics went from a rough design of the logo to the finished part that is now being manufactured and placed on all Kong Coolers.

Elkhart Plastics had a list of things they wanted for their part, but some ideas were too intricate to manufacture and wouldn’t fit their budget. However, GMN’s knowledgeable team knew how to achieve the desired look the client wanted. GMN’s wide set of capabilities allowed for all of the different processes required to make this nameplate to be done under one roof: embossing the base layer, screen printing the various logo colors, and affixing the urethane dome (Magni-lens).

Kong Coolers are positioned as one of the most durable coolers in the market and are built for harsh environments. That being said, the nameplate required for this cooler also needed to be durable. The initial design had an aluminum base to achieve a metallic look. However, there was concern for the first design of the nameplate: the adhesive on the embossed regions of the nameplates wasn’t touching the cooler, which left a little amount of surface area to adhere to the cooler.

GMN solved this issue by using silver Mylar instead of aluminum. Silver Mylar is a much more flexible material, so the embossed regions were able to make contact with the cooler. Silver Mylar still gave the logo a metallic look, but was a less expensive option that already came with an aggressive adhesive on the back.

To increase the logo’s durability, GMN applied a Magni-lens layer to the nameplate. Magni-lens is a clear urethane dome that is capable of tremendous impact resistance, while still maintaining a modern look. With the stronger adhesive and the domed urethane cover, this nameplate can survive anything Kong Coolers can survive.

GMN helps customers with design considerations for manufacturability to create superior products. With years of experience, our team knows the best processes to accomplish desired aesthetics while producing the part as economical as possible. In addition, we are able to get samples out quickly for testing to ensure they have the highest degree of quality before going into full production.

For another example of a Magni-lens cooler nameplate, check out this previous blog.

By Alison Alvarez | Jan 30, 2017
Domed magni-lens metallic label for InterMetro

InterMetro, a global manufacturer of storage and transport products, contacted GM Nameplate (GMN) regarding a label for their medical storage units. Their primary concern for the label was its ability to withstand environmental conditions. In the medical setting, the label would be in constant contact with harsh chemicals, so GMN suggested a magni-lens domed part for protection and longevity. Because of their durability, magni-lens domed labels are very popular among medical device companies.

In addition to endurance, InterMetro wanted their part to stand out. InterMetro decided on a bright Mylar substrate that included a silver metallic background with purple transparent ink which allowed the bright material to show through and highlight the product name. The part was also embossed to create a dimensional effect. In the end, the metallic magni-lens label proved to be a more cost effective option than metal, while maintaining a similar appearance and sheen.   

Thorough production and inspection processes are required to ensure the creation of a reliable, uniform label. At GMN, we maintain high-quality standards of production and carefully inspect each product for consistency and excellence.

Dean Karousos, GMN
By Dean Karousos | Jul 21, 2016
SOVARO cooler nameplate

With 60 years of experience in manufacturing nameplates, GM Nameplate (GMN) has developed a highly comprehensive set of capabilities in this area. In a recent project, we produced a Magni-Lens domed graphic for the new SOVARO cooler that highlights one of the many nameplate solutions we offer. This cooler was created by Suncast, a company from Batavia, Illinois known for their products and accessories that help organize backyards and gardens. The SOVARO cooler is a stylish, high quality product made to bring people a high-class cooler experience. This product exhibits sleek and elegant aesthetics for which Suncast needed an equivalent nameplate solution. When it came to finding a nameplate, Suncast was looking for a way to add a 3D profile to their letters.

Initially, GMN wasn’t the only company in the running for this project and multiple decorative processes were being considered. In an effort to find the best process to suit the customer’s requirements, we tested options such as 3D Electroform, plastic injection-molding, Magni-Form, and Magni-Lens (to learn more about our nameplate capabilities, please visit our nameplate page). In the end, Suncast felt confident in both the Magni-Lens technology and GMN to get the job done. Magni-Lens is a domed metal nameplate solution that enhances design and protects against a variety of indoor and outdoor conditions.

We created pre-spaced Magni-Lens letters in gold, silver, and chrome. The clear urethane dome of Magni-Lens helps to enhance 3D figures, which was exactly what Suncast desired. The flexibility of the Magni-Lens letters to conform to slightly irregular surfaces that don’t match one another was also a huge advantage because the coolers come in three different sizes, which means varying curved surfaces during application. Additionally, this solution comes at an attractive price with low tooling cost. It is durable and scratch resistant, which is crucial for the product’s outdoor environment.

GMN was the top contender for the job for a number of reasons including:

  • Extremely accurate color matching
  • The ability to “combo-run” the three letter colors simultaneously for a low cost
  • Accurate die-cutting of a premask liner that enabled Suncast operators to place the pre-spaced letters on the coolers with perfect registration
  • The right nameplate solution: Magni-Lens is a low cost, durable solution that enhances 3D figures