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GMN Aerospace maintains 99% quality ratings throughout 2018

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By Paul Michaels | Mar 29, 2019
GMN Aerospace maintains 99% quality ratings in 2018

Within the competitive landscape of the aerospace industry, GMN Aerospace constantly strives to meet our commitments to our customer’s specifications and quality standards. After experiencing an increase in our statement of work over the past year, about 25% of the work produced by GMN Aerospace was supported by short-flow and aircraft on ground (AOG) requests. This translated to our team delivering over two million parts to more than 300 customers in 2018.

Increased morale and productivity in GMN’s aerospace quality assurance team

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By Micheal Carr | Feb 05, 2019
Aerospace Quality Assurance Team

At GMN Aerospace, we continually focus on ways to enhance our lean manufacturing and waste reduction efforts, including activities such as our value-stream team (VST) events in collaboration with our customers. So, when I came into the fold at GM Nameplate (GMN) as the new supervisor of the aerospace quality assurance team, I planned to take measures to make any improvements possible within the quality assurance team and process.

2016 Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference

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By Lauren Rowles | Sep 28, 2016
Lean and Six Sigma Conference

On September 14th, Paul Michaels, GMN Aerospace Corporate Director, attended the 2016 Engineering Lean & Six Sigma Conference in San Antonio hosted by the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. This conference was an opportunity for GMN Aerospace to learn about the latest and most efficient ways to eliminate waste and improve quality within an organization.

GMN Aerospace visits the Umbra Group’s Lean manufacturing facility

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By Mark Evans | Jul 29, 2016
Umbra Visit

On Tuesday July 12th, members from the GMN Aerospace team had the opportunity to tour the facility of our valued customer, the Umbra Group – a producer of highly-machined products for the aerospace industry. The tour was conducted by Umbra’s CEO, Bob Collett, and its purpose was to benchmark best practices for Lean Manufacturing.

Value Stream Team workshop with The Boeing Company

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By Mark Evans | Apr 28, 2016
Aerospace Fabrication Cell Value Stream Team Event

Recently, GMN Aerospace conducted our fourth Value Stream Team (VST) workshop with the help of Brian A. McCarthy and Brandon D. Harris from The Boeing Company. The focus of this VST event revolved around the aerospace fabrication cell at GM Nameplate (GMN). The aerospace fabrication cell is a high volume area consisting of four core processes and is the last step in the aerospace manufacturing process before parts arrive in the quality inspection department.

GMN Aerospace Value Stream Team event with BAE Systems

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By Corinne Sherman | Mar 28, 2016
Value Steam Team Event With BAE

From March 22-24, 2016, GMN Aerospace held its third Value Stream Team (VST) event with BAE Systems. In 2012, GMN Aerospace first partnered with The Boeing Company to hold a VST event for GMN Aerospace’s manufacturing processes. This first event led to the launch of a new designated aerospace fabrication cell. Then in 2015, the second VST event focused on the aerospace quality control department by looking for ways to cut down on the time in between jobs and eliminating waste.

Unifying our departments at GMN Aerospace

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By Mark Evans | Sep 29, 2015
Unifying Departments

The GMN Aerospace team is continually making efforts to improve our processes and operate as a Lean organization. This includes our recent restructuring efforts to improve collaboration between our quality control department and the rest of manufacturing. The goal is for quality control to become a full contributor to solving workflow issues. Two of the most critical internal supplier/customer relationships in our value stream exist between our fabrication cell and final inspection areas.

Lean leadership boot camp

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By Mark Evans | Feb 27, 2015
Boeing Lean Leadership Boot Camp

Since 2011, GMN Aerospace has pursued lean manufacturing through collaboration with The Boeing Company. One of the key elements to implementing a successful lean manufacturing program is a deep understanding of the concepts and leadership practices necessary to sustain and accelerate the initiative. To that end, I set off to Auburn, Alabama a few weeks ago to attend a Lean Leadership Boot Camp sponsored by the Association for Manufacturing Excellence and the Auburn Technical Assistance Center, Auburn University.

GMN Aerospace in Puget Sound Business Journal

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By Paul Michaels | Oct 26, 2013
PSBJ Article 2013

This week’s Puget Sound Business Journal’s cover story discusses Boeing’s “Partnering for Success” program. Carlo Mears, Vice President of GMN Aerospace, is quoted in the article referencing GM Nameplate’s partnership with Boeing and its Lean coaching. In addition, GM Nameplate is heralded by the Boeing team as an example of a positive partnership with its suppliers.