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Commercial space industry experiences steady growth

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By Gail Amole | Sep 15, 2016
Commercial Space Industry

The commercial space race has experienced a large amount of activity recently. The industry is seeing a steady increase in the amount of space start-ups, especially throughout the Seattle area. These companies are pursuing various space efforts including mining asteroids and lowering the cost of sending something into space by creating reusable rockets. But despite differing objectives, these visionaries are all working towards the same goal of making space more accessible.

GMN Expands Quality Department

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By Cynthia Schulte | Feb 25, 2013
Quality Department Expansion

SEATTLE, WA – February 25, 2013 – GM Nameplate, parent to GMN Aerospace, announces staffing changes within the company’s quality department.

Martin Espinola, the current Director of Quality for the Seattle, Washington Division of GM Nameplate has been promoted to Corporate Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs. Michael Wodrich has been hired as the new Director of Quality for the Seattle Division. In addition, three members of the quality team have recently completed their Six Sigma Black Belt exams.

GMN Aerospace Announces AS9100C Certification for Oregon Division, GMN Plastics

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By Cynthia Schulte | Dec 19, 2012
TUV Rheinland

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SEATTLE, WA – December 19, 2012 – GMN Aerospace announces today that the Oregon division, doing business as GMN Plastics, now meets the requirements of AS9100C.

GMN Plastics was audited by TUV Reinland of North America, whom approved the certification on December 11, 2012.  It states that GMN Plastics has established and applies a quality management system for the manufacture of complex plastics and value added assemblies.