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Decorated door spears

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By Richard Smylie | Oct 20, 2017
Armrest inserts by GMN Automotive

If you think it’s only the exterior of the car that matters, think again! More and more people are shifting their focus to the interior. After all, that’s where we spend our maximum time. Decorative accents and trims breathe a new visual identity into the vehicle, giving it a distinct personality.

Developing backlit graphic overlay solutions

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By Lauren Rowles | Jun 12, 2017
Backlit graphic overlay

Backlit graphic overlays have become one of GMN Automotive’s core competencies. The utilization of backlit graphic overlays within your vehicle can add a dramatic visual effect or distinctive style to the interior environment. Applying the correct backlighting technologies to a graphic overlay ensures the illumination of the graphics and icons meet their design intent even in low-light conditions.

Custom seven-colored steering wheel badge for Alfa Romeo

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By Richard Smylie | Oct 03, 2016
Screen printed steering wheel badge

Alfa Romeo, a car brand of the FCA Group, contracted GM Nameplate (GMN) to manufacture a steering wheel badge containing seven custom colors. When screen printing seven colors that border one another, color deposition registration is essential to ensure the colors do not overlap or gap, thereby changing the visual in the overlapped area or allowing the metal to be visible.

Freightliner steering wheel badge

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By Richard Smylie | Aug 17, 2016
Custom steering wheel badging by GMN Automotive

With the introduction of a new European law requiring large trucks to have driver airbags (DAB), existing steering wheel badge constructions no longer comply with the law as they do not have a locking feature. The locking feature secures the decorative badge to the corresponding cover in the event of deployment.