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Clark Mehan
By Clark Mehan | May 11, 2018
Faraday electric bike

Faraday Bicycles is a manufacturer of premium-quality electric bikes, or e-bikes. Located below the seat of each Faraday bike is an electronic component box that assists riders with pedaling. With these components being very important to the bike’s core functionality, Faraday needed to make sure the box was properly sealed and protected, which was where GM Nameplate (GMN) came in. The seal had to be waterproof so the bike could be rideable in various weather conditions, such as the rain. It also had to be strong enough so no one could access or tamper with the components inside the box. Finally, vibration had to be minimized within the box so the components wouldn’t be damaged. Therefore, with GMN’s extensive knowledge on adhesive materials and years of experience in producing die-cut components, Faraday asked GMN to help them find the optimal solution for their application.

To learn more about how GMN supported Faraday, read our new case study.

Clark Mehan
By Clark Mehan | Nov 9, 2017
GMN is a converter partner for Laird Technologies.

Do you need to protect your electronic device from overheating or reduce unwanted EMI noise? Do you need a gap-filling material to enable an electronic connection? If so, GM Nameplate (GMN) has the capabilities and knowledge that will help.

GMN has a strategic partnership with Laird Technologies as a designated converter partner. Laird is an industry leader in providing performance materials for the electronics market. Their product lines include silicone pads, thermal pads, absorbers, and adhesive foams. These materials can be used to reduce heat, reduce static, and create electrical connections.

Thermal pads

Thermal pads are used to transfer heat from a hot surface, such as an integrated circuit (IC) device or LEDs, to a heat sink in order to remove or evacuate heat to prevent damage to parts. Laird designs these pads in a variety of thermal conductivities and softness grades to provide gap filling for many situations. Laird’s Tflex™ thermal pads offer a high degree of “wet out,” or exceptional conformability even to rough surfaces, as well as the ability to transfer heat quickly.

Laird’s Tflex™ products come in silicone or non-silicone pads. Silicone thermal pads are great for electronic applications such as computers, front panel displays, handheld electronics, automotive electronics, and more. Non-silicone pads are ideal for cameras and any product with a lens because they don’t outgas, which refers to the process where trapped gas is released when the pad is heated or placed under a vacuum.  Outgassing from silicone pads produces fogging on a lens, so non-silicone pads are a great alternative while still providing the same qualities as the silicone pads.

Conductive foams

Conductive adhesive foams are compressible foam tapes that are electrically conductive and provide excellent cushioning and recovery properties. These foams are great for gap-filling while maintaining electrical grounding for your product. Laird’s compressible conductive foams also have excellent EMI/RFI properties.

Not only do Laird’s EcoFoam™ conductive adhesive foams provide conductivity along an XY plane, they can provide conductivity though the thickness or depth of the foam (Z direction) as well.


Absorbers are used to reduce or eliminate high frequency or radio frequency noise in electronic systems. GMN offers a variety of Laird’s line of absorbers, NoiseSorb™, that work across all frequencies.

GMN is committed to providing solutions to resolve your product’s specific design challenges with our die-cutting capabilities and strategic partnerships with companies such as Laird. To learn more about die cut solutions and what they can offer your application, please visit our Die-cut components capability page.

Dean Karousos, GMN
By Dean Karousos | Jul 21, 2016
SOVARO cooler nameplate

With 60 years of experience in manufacturing nameplates, GM Nameplate (GMN) has developed a highly comprehensive set of capabilities in this area. In a recent project, we produced a Magni-Lens domed graphic for the new SOVARO cooler that highlights one of the many nameplate solutions we offer. This cooler was created by Suncast, a company from Batavia, Illinois known for their products and accessories that help organize backyards and gardens. The SOVARO cooler is a stylish, high quality product made to bring people a high-class cooler experience. This product exhibits sleek and elegant aesthetics for which Suncast needed an equivalent nameplate solution. When it came to finding a nameplate, Suncast was looking for a way to add a 3D profile to their letters.

Initially, GMN wasn’t the only company in the running for this project and multiple decorative processes were being considered. In an effort to find the best process to suit the customer’s requirements, we tested options such as 3D Electroform, plastic injection-molding, Magni-Form, and Magni-Lens (to learn more about our nameplate capabilities, please visit our nameplate page). In the end, Suncast felt confident in both the Magni-Lens technology and GMN to get the job done. Magni-Lens is a domed metal nameplate solution that enhances design and protects against a variety of indoor and outdoor conditions.

We created pre-spaced Magni-Lens letters in gold, silver, and chrome. The clear urethane dome of Magni-Lens helps to enhance 3D figures, which was exactly what Suncast desired. The flexibility of the Magni-Lens letters to conform to slightly irregular surfaces that don’t match one another was also a huge advantage because the coolers come in three different sizes, which means varying curved surfaces during application. Additionally, this solution comes at an attractive price with low tooling cost. It is durable and scratch resistant, which is crucial for the product’s outdoor environment.

GMN was the top contender for the job for a number of reasons including:

  • Extremely accurate color matching
  • The ability to “combo-run” the three letter colors simultaneously for a low cost
  • Accurate die-cutting of a premask liner that enabled Suncast operators to place the pre-spaced letters on the coolers with perfect registration
  • The right nameplate solution: Magni-Lens is a low cost, durable solution that enhances 3D figures
By admin | Oct 20, 2014
GMN Hero David Fabris

“I love what I do.  I love the company I work for.  I love my job.”

Solving customer challenges is a capability in which many GM Nameplate employees take pride. For GMN’s David Fabris, it is also what makes his job fulfilling.

David started with GMN over 19 years ago as a screen printer operator when he was immediately recommended to apply for an opening in process engineering. Because of the encouragement to try for the position, he was able to quickly rise to his potential in the process engineering department. 

Always excited to go to work with customers and teammates, David Fabris is now the manager of customer service and process engineering in GMN’s San Jose, CA division. He carries the responsibility of supporting the sales team, account managers, process engineers, operations, and the customer, along with providing technical assistance. He makes sure his team and customers are happy. “As a manager, I want to always be supportive and aware of my team,” David states, which is proven in his day-to-day leadership.

 “We don’t do easy things at GMN we do great things,” says David.

GMN leadership has always looked to individuals to be the best they can be — committed to work and to people. Always evolving to deliver greater value to the customer, the culture of GMN is prospering with the help of employees like David. Not only does he manage his team, providing support and inspiration, he also encourages them to spend time reading articles about leadership and new things.  Learning about life, is something David finds truly important.

Every day, David looks forward to stepping foot in his office to take on new challenges and complex problems. He is dedicated to all GMN customers whether he is engaging with them directly, or supporting them through member of our team. 

“Customer focus is solving their problem, supporting their needs, and allowing them to focus on what is important. If we do a good job, our customer doesn’t have to think about the solutions we provide to them—we do that for them,” says David.

For over half a century GM Nameplate has been serving the nameplate manufacturing industry with pride and commitment. To celebrate GM Nameplate’s 60th Anniversary, the team at GM Nameplate decided to shine the spotlight on some of the people who have helped make GM Nameplate and our customers successful.