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By admin | Jul 15, 2014
Book pile

The GMN Automotive website went live last month and I have heard great feedback about the case studies.  I wanted to share the links here.

Key Fob Jewel Case Study

Learn how GMN’s approach to a new program increased efficiency, decreased costs and helped provide stability in the supply chain. 

Lensclad Nameplate Case Study

Discover how Lensclad was developed to improve the durability of a nameplate and to protect a logo or image from damage. 

Plastic Nameplate Case Study

Read how custom textures and colors were created to make a plastic nameplate appear metallic. 

Optical Bonding Case Study

Learn how optical bonding, a strategy for front panel integration, has increased the durability and readability of displays.

Cynthia Schulte, GMN
By Cynthia Schulte | Oct 23, 2013
GMN Automotive

Today GM Nameplate announced the launch of a new brand: GMN Automotive.  The new brand is intended to underscore the company’s commitment to the automotive industry and communicate the diverse products that are available from GM Nameplate.       

GM Nameplate has served the automotive industry for 50 years as a supplier of decorative components.  Over the last decade, the company has expanded its offerings to include front panel integration, user interfaces, value-added assemblies and more.

“The branding of GM Nameplate’s automotive group highlights the significant position we currently hold within the automotive industry while offering customers a glimpse of the full range of processes and capabilities that we employ,” said Rich Smylie, who oversees the automotive group.

“We know automotive,” said Gerry Gallagher, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for GM Nameplate.  “However, because of all the industries we serve, that message is often lost.  GMN Automotive is a vehicle for us to share the specific capabilities we offer the automotive industry.” 

GM Nameplate is often incorrectly associated with General Motors.  The GMN Automotive brand also allows the company to differentiate from the automotive giant. 

To learn more about GMN Automotive, visit the new GMN Automotive website at

By admin | Mar 12, 2013
Plastic nameplate

By Lou Kiernan

I regularly work with customers that need a unique aesthetic for their parts. I recently used this Honda part to demonstrate how GMN can create a pronounced 3-D effect on a nameplate. 

Scott Ose and Betty Raper on the GM Nameplate team helped bring this part to life. They started with clear acrylic and printed solid white on the second surface. The blue logo detail is printed on the front side with the same press. They laminate the part and then cut the thick acrylic sheets into individual nameplates. The part is then domed on the front surface. This creates the illusion that the blue “H” logo is floating inside the domed acrylic.

The nameplate is used on countertop displays in dealership showrooms and the result is an eye-catching brand identity piece.