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What are UL labels?

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By Taichi Nakahara | Apr 08, 2019
UL Listed and UL Classified labels

Have you ever noticed the label on a computer, pressurized tank, or any other electrical appliance? The likelihood of that label bearing one of the safety marks namely UL, CSA, or the likes of it, is extremely high. But, what do these marks and symbols signify and why are they so important? When it comes to electrical devices, some of the most important attributes from an end user’s point of view remain product quality and safety.

Celebrating 60 Years

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By Elise Harrington | May 01, 2014
60 Year Anniversary GMN Aerospace

Today marks the 60th anniversary of GM Nameplate! In 1954, GMN was started as a nameplate manufacturer in Seattle, Washington. Through the years our expertise has expanded to include labels, switch technologies, large format graphics, front panel display integration, plastics, and more, with customers in nearly every industry. We are entering our 60th year in business with record growth and delivery.