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Lauren Rowles, GMN
By Lauren Rowles | Dec 20, 2018
GMN's holiday calendar 2019

As part of our yearly tradition, GMN has produced another custom calendar for the upcoming year. Apart from the functional value offered in helping to track the months and days of the year, these calendars also serve as a fun way to show off some of GMN’s decorative capabilities. In collaboration with our Seattle, WA Division, this year’s calendars were created at GMN’s Monroe, NC Division.

This year, we decided to make some exciting modifications to our calendar design, while still maintaining some of the same design elements as in previous years.

On the top strip of the calendar, there is an overlap spin pattern. This finish has been included on some calendars in years past, however, this year we enhanced the spin finish by taking the spin and dragging it along the metal surface, creating a dynamic look that reflects light in an interesting way. While this capability may seem common, the challenge that was posed by this application was achieving the drag spin at an angle and selectively. In order to contain the drag spin finish to only the top area, the process required laying down a resist layer over the desired area before the drag spin was applied. This resist layer protects the bright and other areas of the metal on which we didn’t want the spin to be applied. However, the resist ink can be difficult to work with at times, as it needs to be strong enough to withstand the drag spin, but gentle enough so that it can be removed after the spin is applied.

In addition, to complement and enrich the movement of the drag spin finish, a carbon fiber design was printed on the background of the calendar. Achieving the right balance of color was critical for printing this pattern because the color needed to have enough contrast to be visible but also be light enough to allow for the aluminum material to show through. Lithographic printing was used to print the months of the year onto the metal and create the halftone gradient pattern that is featured. Lastly, the GMN and logo and the year were embossed to add extra dimension and value to the calendar overall.

The entire GMN team is proud of the final product and is excited for it to take us into the new year!

Lauren Rowles, GMN
By Lauren Rowles | Dec 12, 2016
GMN's custom calendar for 2017.

With 2017 rapidly approaching, GM Nameplate has continued its tradition of creating custom calendars for the new year. In addition to functioning as a unique calendar, this part demonstrates a variety of GMN capabilities. This calendar was designed and produced through the collaboration of our Seattle, WA and China divisions. Made of aluminum, the metal calendar utilizes a mixture of mechanical finishes, colored ink, printed graphics, and 2D electroform.

The top strip of the calendar was created using a printed spin circle design. The pattern is intriguing because even though it was printed on to the strip, it resembles a selective spin finish on metal. The design adds movement and aesthetic appeal to the part. 2D electroform was also used on the top strip to highlight the company logo and “2017.”

The bottom area of the calendar showcases a vertically brushed selective finish. A dark grey color was applied to the bottom area as well, which helped make the top strip design stand out. Achieving the perfect level of transparency for the grey colored ink was challenging because the tint needed to be light enough for the brush finish to show through, but still dark enough to create the desired contrast. After rounds of testing, the team reached a balance that satisfied both needs. Lastly, the aluminum was embossed around the edges of each month to add texture to the calendar.

The GMN team is proud to present this sleek and interesting calendar to start off 2017.