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Badging treatments to withstand extreme under the hood conditions

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By Richard Smylie | May 26, 2016
The coatings, inks, and adhesives applied to under the hood badging are crucial to maintain the part’s intended design over time

Under the hood badges or emblems are the branding components applied to the interior surfaces of an automobile, such as the engine cover, that help your brand stand out and stay consistent. When designing badging intended for the inside of an automobile’s hood, it is crucial to understand the harsh environment that part will face.

First Parts Delivered from New CTP Machine

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By Mark Evans | May 16, 2014
CTP Machine

GMN Aerospace is proud to announce the first production parts to come off of our new Computer to Plate (CTP) machine in our metalphoto department. As we mentioned in an earlier blog we qualified the new machine in ­March. After we received approval from the Boeing Aircraft Company for BAC parts, six initial parts were selected as our flagship run, all of which shipped last month.