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Lauren Rowles, GMN
By Lauren Rowles | Dec 12, 2016
GMN's custom calendar for 2017.

With 2017 rapidly approaching, GM Nameplate has continued its tradition of creating custom calendars for the new year. In addition to functioning as a unique calendar, this part demonstrates a variety of GMN capabilities. This calendar was designed and produced through the collaboration of our Seattle, WA and China divisions. Made of aluminum, the metal calendar utilizes a mixture of mechanical finishes, colored ink, printed graphics, and 2D electroform.

The top strip of the calendar was created using a printed spin circle design. The pattern is intriguing because even though it was printed on to the strip, it resembles a selective spin finish on metal. The design adds movement and aesthetic appeal to the part. 2D electroform was also used on the top strip to highlight the company logo and “2017.”

The bottom area of the calendar showcases a vertically brushed selective finish. A dark grey color was applied to the bottom area as well, which helped make the top strip design stand out. Achieving the perfect level of transparency for the grey colored ink was challenging because the tint needed to be light enough for the brush finish to show through, but still dark enough to create the desired contrast. After rounds of testing, the team reached a balance that satisfied both needs. Lastly, the aluminum was embossed around the edges of each month to add texture to the calendar.

The GMN team is proud to present this sleek and interesting calendar to start off 2017. 

Cynthia Schulte, GMN
By Cynthia Schulte | Nov 17, 2014
2D electroform nameplate for Xbox One

Electroform is a manufacturing technique that GM Nameplate uses to produce jewel-like nameplates for distinguished brands that want to set their product apart from the competition.  It works on a molecular level to transfer metal to a surface using an electrical charge. 

2D electroform results in highly detailed, free standing designs or lettering that can accommodate extremely intricate designs. However, it is also an unexpectedly durable option.  Coupled with numerous metallic finishes and colors, it is an ideal solution for many applications.     

2D electroform nameplates are popular with customers in diverse industries because of their utility and distinguished aesthetic.  You can see GM Nameplate’s 2D electroform on products from shoes to gaming devices and more. 

3D electroform is another popular option that leverages electroplating technology to create stunning nameplates. To learn more, read our blog on 3D electroform or vist our nameplate page.

Cynthia Schulte, GMN
By Cynthia Schulte | Sep 26, 2014
2D electroform nameplate for Hourglass Footwear

Hourglass Footwear was launched spring, 2012 to a whirlwind of enthusiastic PR and glowing reviews. Founded by Kira Bundlie and Lisa Ström, the two brought together a group of talented artists to create a business that merged their passion for art and footwear.  The company provides custom-painted shoes that range from elegant and sophisticated to whimsical and feisty. Hourglass does not make the shoes but instead transforms them into beautiful pieces of artwork and needed to brand their unique shoes so that discerning customers could identify their work. They sought a brand nameplate with appropriate aesthetic; both subtle yet attractive.      

Before launching the brand, Bundlie and Ström did significant research to find the right shoe material, paint and sealants to ensure that their shoe art would last. Adding the company logo is their “seal of approval as we really back our product” said Bundlie. 

Gerry Gallagher of GM Nameplate worked with Bundlie and Ström to find the right solution.  “When I learned about their unique application, I instantly thought of 2D electroform,” said Gallagher.  “It can look delicate but it’s really quite durable.  Plus the metallic finishes available from 2D Electroform complimented the aesthetic that Hourglass was looking for.”  The final solution was nickel plated with bright chrome to form the logo.  GMN provided three prototype sizes that Hourglass could test on shoes.  Once the size was selected, the nameplate went into production.  “It’s fun to see the same technology that goes into products like Dell computers, Martin guitars and the Xbox be applied to a start-up in the fashion industry.”    

The final results were outstanding.  GMN created a delicate silver nameplate of the Hourglass Footwear logo.  “I love the way it turned out,” said Ström. “It really communicates our brand well.”  Bundlie agreed, stating, “It makes a statement without overshadowing the shoes.”