New digital press in Monroe, NC

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By Chris Doyle | Sep 01, 2020
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As printing equipment continues to evolve and become more efficient, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. Always quick to embrace the latest technology, GMN’s Monroe, NC facility recently installed a new, cutting-edge digital press. Adding to the already vast array of printers and presses among GMN’s divisions, the new digital press is a perfect match for the wide variety of components manufactured at GMN.

GMN’s new digital press

The new press uses a unique flexible ink system, allowing it to print on a wide variety of materials including metals, plastics, acrylics, and roll labels. These substrates can even be formed and embossed after printing without affecting print quality. With a large print bed, it can easily print on substrates up to 5’x8’.

Being fully digital, the printer is ideal for multi-color jobs. Jobs that would have previously taken several color screens or passes can now be printed just as vibrantly in a single run. The press can also print translucent colors and varying tint levels, so brushed aluminum and other decorative finishes can remain visible underneath printed artwork. Variable speed and quality levels make this printer a versatile and cost-effective option for a variety of projects.

How does it compare to other printing methods?

Setting up for off-set lithographic or screen printing can take several hours with the preparation of art, plates, and screens. With the new digital press, all that’s required is a digital file, so a similar print quality can be achieved with significantly faster set-up times. Due to the large print bed, multiple sheets can run simultaneously, heavily cutting down on lead times.

The quick set-up also allows GMN to develop prototypes faster than existing printers. The press can quickly and effectively accommodate different colors, backgrounds, and even substrates, making it ideal for numerous applications and new projects.

The latest digital press is a great addition to Monroe’s arsenal of printing capabilities. As technology continues to evolve in the printing industry, investments like these allow GMN to keep providing unique and high-quality print solutions to our customers.