New Computer to Plate Metal Photo Equipment

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By Mark Evans | Mar 12, 2014
CTP Equipment

As we mentioned in the blog “looking into 2014,” we recently purchased a Computer to Plate (CTP) machine for our metalphoto department and just finished qualifying the new device. The new equipment will reduce cycle times of our metalphoto products by eliminating steps in the process.

We worked in collaboration with our metalphoto supplier, to test and qualify the equipment with our metalphoto process. In the traditional photo process the image is printed on film, which is then exposed on photo sensitive aluminum. Once exposed the image will not wear off – making it extremely durable and the ideal capability in environments susceptible to extreme wear.

The CTP machine exposes the metalphoto sheets by using a laser guided off of the art file. The utilization of a CTP machine over traditional metalphoto practices, eliminates a number of steps in the process. Beyond that it allows for variable configurations without multiple set-ups reducing the time in the overall process.

In addition, we have received approval from the Boeing Aircraft Company to use the equipment for BAC part. We are very excited about the new equipment and the benefits it will bring to all of our customers!