Meet a GMN hero: Todd Boedecker

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By gmn_admin | Aug 15, 2014
GMN hero Todd Boedecker

Commitment and determination are both inspiring, indisputable words used to describe Todd Boedecker, GM Nameplate corporate project engineer.  Thanks to Todd, projects transition from development at GMN headquarters in Seattle, to production at GMN’s plant in China.  Not only is he the only one to carry his title – he is the seam between two divisions. 

After graduating with a degree in physics, Todd began working with GMN and has been with the company for 23 years. In his role, Todd draws, reviews, designs, and tweaks whatever needs to be done for successful development. Todd provides communication and support between GMN customers and GMN’s China team. He gains satisfaction in seeing pieces fall into place, and the completion of a final product. Whether he is pushing the printing press pedal in the factory or designing projects for customers – Todd makes things happen. He has successfully built strong relationships with his coworkers at both facilities, on both continents. 

With help from employees like Todd, GMN is able to expand capabilities – offering forward thinking and solutions to a variety of markets.  When asked about the future of GMN, Todd states, “I hope we see changes I can’t predict. Five years ago, I would not have ever predicted I’d be in China.”  New divisions, product lines, and goals are what give GMN a bright future.

“I, myself, have evolved since my start here. I have taken opportunities and challenges that have been given to me and used them to prepare myself for the future,” says Todd.

One recent project Todd executed was creating a circuit for a leader in gaming consoles.  GMN knew the product development would be successful with Todd onboard.  He was in charge of leading the local technical support for our customer’s development team and the project’s transfer to GMN’s China facility.  After developing a mix of prototypes and generating many different configurations to optimize the fit and performance of the circuit, Todd led the GMN team to a production-ready circuit. The circuit was cost effective and performed better in the application than most membrane circuits on the market.  With Todd’s help, GMN was able to get the circuit through production.

Although projects require the efforts of many, GMN would not be where it is today without employees like Todd. His detail-oriented and analytical mindset, along with his determination to take on any task is what makes him a GMN hero.

For over half a century GM Nameplate has been serving the nameplate manufacturing industry with pride and commitment. To celebrate GM Nameplate’s 60th Anniversary, the team at GM Nameplate decided to shine the spotlight on some of the people who have helped make GM Nameplate and our customers successful.