GMN’s new capacitive touch demonstrator

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By Steve Baker | Nov 01, 2016
GMN's capacitive switch demo unit allows you experience capacitive switch technology firsthand.

In today’s world, consumers interact with touchscreen devices on a daily basis. As a result, consumers have started to expect the presence of non-tactile technology in a growing number of products. This has caused the demand for the use of capacitive switch technology to rapidly increase.

Capacitive switch technology provides a cost-effective solution for sleek, modern product designs that match current market expectations. Providing thinner, cleaner, and more sealable solutions, capacitive switches have numerous advantages over more mature technologies such as keyboards and membrane switches. To learn more about capacitive switch technology, visit our capacitive switches page or past blog entry.

As experts in this cutting-edge technology, GM Nameplate offers a wide and unique range of capacitive switch capabilities. From early development to final production, GMN can support customers throughout the entire manufacturing process. We are currently working on several capacitive switch projects such as user interfaces and safety mechanisms for a variety of industries including appliance, heavy equipment, and wearable device. GMN also has the ability to incorporate capacitive switches into many of the products we already produce.  

Therefore, GMN is excited to announce the release of our new capacitive touch demonstrator. This innovative demo unit allows customers to experience firsthand the variety of capacitive switch options that GMN has available, including rotary and linear sliders and integration with curved surfaces.

Click here to learn more about our new demo unit!