GMN nameplates in the musical instrument industry

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By Bob Welch | Jun 11, 2015
Nameplates for the music industry

Over the years, GM Nameplate has expanded its range of capabilities and has broadened the industries in which we operate. Today, you can find our parts in airplanes, offices, hospital rooms, houses, cars, and even on your musical instruments.

GM Nameplate customer Dusty Strings is just one example of our work in the musical instrument industry. Dusty Strings builds fine stringed instruments, including harps and hammered dulcimers. They needed a piece that would serve two purposes, as a branded nameplate for their harps and as a brace for the instrument. The wood joinery on the harps takes a tremendous amount of stress at the glued joint from the strings which are pulled by a very high amount of pressure. The nameplate would also need to be cosmetically pleasing, while having esthetic continuity with the rest of the harp. In addition, the harps are expensive and elegant instruments and the piece would need to exude the same quality and elegance.

Ray Moeur, President and CEO of Dusty Strings, and GMN worked closely together to meet all of their design requirements. The GMN team provided design considerations for a part that was made out of .060 naval silicon bronze, which doesn’t corrode or tarnish. The Dusty Strings design, an Irish knot with a DS monogram, was etched into the bronze and then filled with nebular finished paint. To create the brush finish, GMN used a commercial sanding machine and then fabricated the parts to size. Finally, a clear top coat was added for extra protection.

The end results met all of Dusty String’s aesthetic and technical requirements. The nameplate created for Dusty Strings is not only a great example of GMN nameplates for the musical instrument industry, but also of how a nameplate can be utilized beyond aesthetic needs.