GMN China reopens after Coronavirus freeze

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By Gerry Gallagher | Mar 16, 2020
GMN China employee resumes work after Coronavirus freeze

The COVID-19 outbreak prompted GMN China to extend the Lunar New Year holiday by more than ten days. Fortunately, the region is showing early signs of recovery as the number of cases is gradually slowing. In alignment with the guidelines from local health authorities and medical professionals, GMN China has resumed its operations and is on track towards meeting production commitments and deliveries.

However, we are sparing no efforts to safeguard the health and well-being of our employees. The entire building, including conference rooms, waiting areas, office cubicles, and canteen, are disinfected regularly. 

Preventive measures by GMN China to contain the spread of Coronavirus


GMN China is following the “trilogy” of safety before employees enter the factory that includes – 

  • Disinfecting hands in the guard room 
  • Employees receiving a disposable mask daily
  • Employees allowed entry into the building only if the body temperature is below 37.3º C
Safety precautions during times of Coronavirus


The following lunch room safety rules are implemented - 

  • The distance between employees waiting in line for a meal must not be less than 1 meter
  • One-way seating for employees during meals, with an interval of more than 1 meter from front to back and left to right
  • The use of reusable lunch boxes has been temporarily halted and disposable lunch boxes are distributed daily
  • Each dining table is wrapped with a piece of transparent plastic wrap that is frequently changed
  • After eating, employees must place their leftovers in a designated area for a unified treatment
  • No verbal communication is allowed during meals 
Lunch room safety protocols at GMN China


In addition to the above preventive measures, hand sanitizing stations are installed across the building. Our janitorial crew is placing extra effort on disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces such as doorknobs, handrails, elevators, etc. Meetings and training are conducted online, avoiding crowds and close contact.

The COVID-19 situation is extremely fluid, and we are adapting our safety protocols as the situation demands. We are committed to being responsive and hope to better protect our employees and community by controlling the spread of Coronavirus.