GMN Aerospace’s new Model 80 series processor for metalphoto

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By Tim Hudson | Nov 21, 2016
Aerospace Metalphoto Machine

GMN Aerospace recently received a new metalphoto machine known as the Model 80 series processor. The Model 80 is a dry-to-dry plate processor that performs all processes for developing, fixing, water rinsing, and drying of plates. This is an ideal machine for GMN Aerospace’s high output and high quality needs.

This machine can run all sizes of plates from 10”x12” to 20”x24”, and sheets with both single and double-sided images. It also runs all thicknesses of stock from .003” to 0.125”. The spring design of the rollers allow for all thicknesses of metal photo plates to be processed without any adjustments.

The Model 80 comes with an on-board developer cooling system, which is designed to keep the developer under 72 degrees for ideal processing. It also manages water and processing solutions with an automatic on/off feature and by recirculating rinse water to get maximum usage from clean tap water.

In addition, this machine has the ability to mate with our CTP digital exposure unit for inline processing, which allows us to expose, develop, and dry all in one motion.

This new machine was a by-product of our production Value Stream Team (VST) workshops, in which we set a goal to acquire more efficient equipment. The Model 80 should allow us to be more efficient and productive with metalphoto production overall and reduce bottlenecks in plate processing and handling. As a leading supplier of metalphoto products to the aerospace industry around the world, we are excited to take advantage of this improvement so we can better serve our customers.