GMN Aerospace team receives recognition from The Boeing Company for quick-turn solutions

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By Dave Klinkman | Aug 09, 2017
Boeing Recognition Event

On July 18th, the GMN Aerospace team attended a Boeing recognition event at The Boeing Company’s Everett Delivery Center (EDC). The EDC is where Boeing makes its final deliveries of commercial airplanes to customers. The facility opened in 2013 to enable Boeing to meet growing customer demands, increase operational efficiencies, and provide enhanced customer experiences.

At this event, GMN Aerospace was recognized for the quick-turn work we provide to meet Boeing’s production delivery milestones and commitments to airline customers. Over the years, GMN Aerospace has been able to provide accelerated solutions for emergent part needs to ensure that airplanes get finished and delivered on time.

Boeing senior leadership members were in attendance, as well as a variety of GMN Aerospace team members ranging from leadership, to production, to quality, and more. This provided a special opportunity to create a direct connection between Boeing and the GMN Aerospace employees who actually work on the parts being recognized.

In the past 12 months, GMN Aerospace has delivered over 1.6 million parts to Boeing. Of those parts, approximately 20% per year consist of short-flow parts, meaning that they are manufactured and shipped to Boeing in five days or less.

The GMN Aerospace team is committed to doing whatever it takes to produce high-quality parts that are delivered on time, even with last-minute necessities arise such as when parts go missing or get damaged right before a ticket or delivery event. Airplane production rates are higher than ever before, and Boeing relies on their suppliers to adapt to increasing demands. As a partner of Boeing, GMN Aerospace has worked to consistently meet all volume and delivery requirements throughout the years.

Pictured above (from left to right): Fitzgerald Olivarez (Metal Photo), Roland Gayo (Thermal Printing), Sinh Vilaysom (Aerospace Customer Relations), Carlo Mears (VP of Aerospace), Sam Im (Aerospace Fabrication), Flora Maurera (Aerospace Account Manager), Pepito Abigania (Aerospace Quality Inspector), Dave Klinkman (Aerospace Special Project Manager).