GMN Aerospace introduces new M2TYCOAT™ decal

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By Dave Klinkman | Apr 12, 2016

GM Aerospace has developed a new manufacturing process for M2TYCOAT™ decals embedded under a clear coat to be used as an alternative to paint stenciling. This process allows for the ease of application found with a decal, while maintaining an appearance similar to a paint stencil. The cutting process of these decals adds to their increased durability and control.

By combining the capabilities of our exterior product M2TYCOAT – qualified under BAC 10-26 Type XIII specifications – and new manufacturing technologies, GMN Aerospace created a new process that aids in the added durability of the decal, as an alternative to a paint stencil. This process gives greater control over the graphics as well, which is especially beneficial when working with foreign languages. Using stencils for such situations is tedious and time consuming when trying to weed out the small internal pieces.

Another big advantage is the fast, user-friendly application process that provides a lot of flexibility to the end user. The simple application process cuts down on both time and costs during the initial application, as well as during any potential future repairs. What would usually take up to an hour to paint with a stencil, has been reduced to only a few minutes. This new process also allows for application of the clear coat in a variety of ways, such as being rolled or sprayed on. In addition, the use of this decal doesn’t compromise the integrity of the graphic during application, which often occurs with paint. This technology has opened the door to some remarkable new projects at GM Nameplate that we are excited to share with our customers!