GMN Aerospace a Certified Metalphoto® Converter

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By Paul Michaels | Nov 10, 2015
Certified Metalphoto Converter

Last month, Horizons Imaging Systems Group (ISG) announced that GM Nameplate (GMN) achieved Certified Metalphoto® Converter status. As part of GMN, GMN Aerospace has been a converter of Metalphoto products for more than 40 years. Only the largest and most advanced converters are eligible to apply for Metalphoto Converter certification.

The Certified Converter status means that GMN has completed a process assessment, received recommendations and begun implementing new processes to improve product quality and expand application expertise for Metalphoto. The photosensitive anodized aluminum is one of the most durable identification materials available – an important capability in the aerospace, military, and heavy equipment industries.

Within GMN Aerospace, we provide numerous Metalphoto parts to our customers in the aerospace industry. Last year we invested in a Computer to Plate (CTP) machine for our Metalphoto department. The CTP machine reduces cycle times of our products by eliminating the need for film in the exposure process – the image is exposed directly to the anodized aluminum by using a laser guided by the art file. Shortly after we added the CTP machine, we shared that the delivery of the first parts from the CTP machine and have since produced and delivered many more!

At GMN Aerospace, Metalphoto is converted into barcode labels, nameplates/data plates, placards, machine control panels, and other identification items. GMN is one of only six companies to achieve the Certified Metalphoto Converter distinction.

Learn more about GMN’s Certified Metalphoto Converter designation in the press release.