GM Nameplate makes Cub Cadet nameplate for Milsco

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By Lauren Rowles | Feb 08, 2016
Cub Cadet nameplate for Milsco seat

When Milsco ran into complications with the Cub Cadet seat branding, GM Nameplate had the resources to straighten things out. Milsco, a seat manufacturer, was in need of an flexible PVC nameplate to affix to the operator’s seat they were making for a Cub Cadet riding lawnmower. Due to the application process of the nameplate to the seat, the nameplates also needed to be able to remain extremely flat without curling at the ends for long periods of time. 

Milsco was searching for a nameplate process that is not very common or widely available. However, we were able to provide Milsco with the solution they desired. Our strong relationship with strategic partners in Asia also allowed us to meet Milsco’s requested price point.

More importantly, we are most proud of the level of quality achieved with this part. GM Nameplate not only met, but exceeded Milsco’s quality parameters with our final product. Milsco needed the nameplates to stay flat while shipping from our facility in China to Milsco’s facility in Jackson, Michigan. Then the nameplates would need to withstand sitting in inventory for several weeks to months without curling at the ends. Only parts that were perfectly flat could be used for the application process, so any deviation resulted in delays and increased costs. Ultimately, GM Nameplate was able to provide better parts than competitors that were substantially flatter and were a closer color match at a better price.