Exterior Graphics for Taylor Swift music tour

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By Elise Harrington | Oct 16, 2014
Taylor Swift Exterior Graphics

Our superGraphics division recently produced an installed custom graphics for Air Asia. The airline is a sponsor of Taylor Swift music tour in Asia, and to promote the tour and her album, they wrapped an aircraft with custom promotion!

These particular graphics were a joint effort from the aircraft manufacturer and GMN Aerospace. The aircraft was painted at an SAE Airbus facility in Sepang, Malaysia. GMN Aerospace installed the graphics of Taylor Swift playing the guitar and the other Swift photo on the plane. By partnering with GMN Aerospace and utilizing our unique exterior graphic capabilities, the customer achieved the exact look they desired. Earlier this month Air Asia posted the video of the graphic installation on its YouTube page.

Typically our superGraphics division asks for three weeks for graphic production and preparation. To meet the customer’s quick needs for this job, the graphics were printed, clear coating and trimmed in four days. A member of our operations team, hand-carried the graphics on her flight as luggage to Malaysia for installation three days later. Once the graphics reached the aircraft location they were installed in just a day!

This was an exciting exterior graphic project for the GMN Aerospace team – and not just because of Taylor Swift. In the end the project was completed in record time, installed across the Pacific Ocean, and with a great end result. It is a great example of how our superGraphics can support a wide range of exterior graphic needs, thanks to successful collaboration, development and the global footprint of GMN Aerospace.