Die-cut gasket for a street lamp

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By Chris Beason | Mar 04, 2020
Street lamp in front of a blue sky

When a Washington-based contract manufacturer was working to improve a new, technologically-advanced streetlight, they discovered that the lamp assembly wasn’t equipped to work reliably in harsh environments. The existing O-ring gasket utilized for sealing the lamp cover did not provide adequate protection against liquid ingress. As a result, the electronic components within the lamp were susceptible to possible damage and malfunction. Having an awareness of GM Nameplate's material conversion capabilities due to an existing relationship, they reached out to GMN to find a more durable solution.

As the street lamp operates in extremely diverse locations, it was crucial to protect it from a myriad of environments including heavy rain, humidity, condensation, extreme temperatures, and strong ultraviolet rays. In addition, the O-ring that the customer had previously employed was inexpensive, so it was important to find an equally cost-effective sealing solution.

GMN’s quick-turn prototyping team promptly developed several prototypes to test different material thicknesses, densities, and widths to narrow in on the product’s specifications. Different adhesives were also tested to ensure confidence in the seal between the glass lamp and the assembly housing. After multiple rounds of evaluating prototypes, the team determined that a Rogers BISCO® HT-845 silicone closed-cell foam with an acrylic adhesive would be ideal for the project. HT-845 has the optimal combination of density, thickness, and compressibility for the assembly’s requirements. Designed for outdoor use, the closed-cell BISCO® foam in conjunction with the adhesive created a weatherproof seal that allowed the street lamp to withstand temperatures ranging between -55° to -200°F.

Once GMN identified the best foam material and width, the next step was to engineer the optimal length to ensure a secure seal and fit for the new street light. Ultimately, a die-cut 33” length of foam that wrapped around the base of the lamp made the final cut. It created a tight seal, protecting critical internal components from severe conditions. The custom-engineered solution developed by GMN met all of the project requirements without tipping the scales of the budget.

This is another example of GMN rising to design and manufacturing challenges while consistently delivering cost-effective solutions. As a Preferred Converter for 3M and Rogers, GMN can offer custom design, material, and adhesive solutions for almost any die-cut need. To find out more about how GMN’s die-cut capabilities can help solve your next design challenge, visit our webpage.