BeeWorks' modern look

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By Dan Swanson | Apr 28, 2016
Beeworks’ custom ElectraGraphic nameplate by GMN

BeeWorks, a Seattle based technology company that produces equipment for filmmakers, was looking for a branded nameplate to identify their gear. When looking for a nameplate, the company knew that they wanted a professional high-end look and were originally drawn to the chrome look of ElectraGraphic nameplates, a technology that includes the processes of plating and printing.

The customer ultimately selected a bright aluminum nameplate that offered the high-quality look they wanted with a simpler and more cost-efficient manufacturing process. The BeeWorks nameplate is constructed from thin aluminum and is screen-printed with black ink. To emphasize the graphics, the image of the bee, the company name, and the border outline were embossed. To add further sophistication to the part, a gloss topcoat was utilized for a smooth finish before adhesive was applied. The nameplates were provided to BeeWorks on a kiss-cut sheet to ensure that the pieces could be easily removed and applied to the camera equipment.

Not only did the chosen process save the customer both time and money, it is a repeatable and controlled process that ensures high quality and very consistent parts. By using this method, BeeWorks’ requirement of a chrome metallic look was achieved through an efficient process solution that also provided cost savings and high quality.