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Picture of Chris Doyle
By Chris Doyle Dec 23, 2019
GMN's 2020 calendar

Continuing the annual tradition of making a calendar for the new year, GMN’s 2020 calendar is unique in several ways. To get inspiration for the new calendar, the team at GMN’s Monroe, NC division first looked at metal decoration trend samples that they had prepared for customers. Combining the GMN logo and colors along with elements from these trending designs, we were able to create a truly modern and exciting calendar for 2020 that demonstrates some of GMN’s unique capabilities.

By Duke Brekhus Dec 18, 2019
Stryker Lifepad keypad

When Stryker created their Lifepak defibrillator, they knew how important it was for it to remain functional no matter the environment in which it was used. The device is used in hospitals, ambulances and everywhere in between where it might be subjected to tough conditions and repeated impact. With the original design consisting of an overlay directly over metal snap domes, little protection was offered to the domes themselves.

Dave Klinkman
By Dave Klinkman Dec 04, 2019
Molded components in an aircraft

From luggage bin markers to seat row coupons, the interior of any aircraft comprises of several molded plastic parts. Primarily, there are three ways of printing graphics and texts on molded components namely screen printing, pad printing, and dye sublimation. However, each technique presents its own set of challenges and restrictions. For instance, screen and pad printing are not only time-consuming but also require a high set up cost.