Value-added assembly

At GMN, we take a holistic approach to building your device. From the manufacture of each individual part to the full assembly, you get a plug-and-play tested device that you know will function as intended. Our expertise in a variety of technologies consolidates your supply chain and results in streamlined shipping, accounting and auditing functions for our clients.

Increased control and predictability

Developing a device with multiple suppliers and manufacturing facilities with varying quality control can be a risky and expensive ordeal. Our supplier relationships and internal capabilities provide increased control, predictability, and lower costs for your supply chain. Using our streamlined program eliminates the hassle of searching for the perfect component or vendor and helps you avoid costly mark-ups and delays.

Popular value-added assemblies by GMN

One of GMN’s most popular value-added assembly services, our team of experts help simplify the complicated front panel integration process.  

Complex devices often require multiple complex plastic components. GMN can provide value-added services to streamline the assembly process.

Streamline the manufacturing of your device by leveraging GMN’s best-in-class nameplate capabilities. Build it and brand it - all from one supplier.