Display and design testing

Testing the materials and technologies used in a device is a crucial step in bringing your product from concept to production. GMN’s in-house testing capabilities are some of the most extensive in the industry and include circuit, life cycle, and environmental tests. We custom design testing programs to your specifications, saving valuable time in the development process while maintaining product quality and consistency.

Testing technologies

Specialized display testing: Light Lab

GMN’s state-of-the-art Light Lab enables our engineering and design team to measure the optical characteristics of your display in a wide range of lighting conditions to ensure proper function for your intended application and quality control during production. 

Vision system testing

GMN is equipped with a variety of custom design vision systems for part inspection. The systems utilize vision tools for measurement and visual defect inspection, which enables GMN to ensure the conformity of various manufactured parts.

Coordinate measuring machines

Utilized for a variety of our capabilities, our coordinate measuring machines (CMM) utilize optical and mechanical coordinate measuring to take precise and exact measurements. CMM technology can be used for first article inspection and production control inspection.

Custom electrical circuit testing

To ensure proper functionality of printed electronics, GMN has developed custom electrical circuit testers. The testers can be used to measure and test membrane switches, printed circuits, and other printed electronics. GMN offers circuit testing on 100% of our printed electronics components. 

Specialized display testing

Video Media
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Watch our video to get a behind-the-scenes look at GMN’s Light Lab where our technical experts measure the optical characteristics of displays.