Custom printed electrodes and biosensors

Printed electrodes are widely used in medical devices, a highly-regulated and quality-driven industry that can present a number of design and production challenges. GMN brings years of expertise in printed electrodes for the medical device industry and offers the guidance and development capabilities you need to meet stringent requirements while maintaining high-volume production and minimizing cost impacts. 

Development and prototyping

GMN can partner with you from early phase development through multiple design cycles or we can produce small volumes for beta testing to ensure patterning accuracy. Our ability to fabricate prototypes that are intended to transition to high-volume production saves you costs and time to market. GMN has also become a leader in electrochemical development serving many cutting-edge medical companies as they proceed through R&D cycles. 

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Support for increased capacity

Is your production already up and running? We can enter as a secondary supplier after initial development is complete to resolve quality issues or support increased volume that cannot be handled by the primary supplier. 

Quality documentation and testing

You can rely on our years of experience to comply fully and seamlessly with the medical industry’s rigorous quality requirements. We manufacture all medical devices to meet ISO 13485 certification and can provide complete IQ/OQ/PQ documentation throughout the development process.

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Extensive material experience

GMN is proficient at printing a variety of functional materials on polyester and other flexible substrates.  In addition, our deposition experience includes silver, silver chloride, carbon, nickel, zinc, gold, platinum, platinized carbon and tungsten.

  • Electrochemical analysis and biosensors
    • Lab-on-a-chip devices
    • Potentiometric sensors
    • Amperometric sensors
  • Sensing electrodes
    • Electroencephalography (EEG)
    • Electrocardiography (ECG/EKG)