Custom printed circuit board manufacturing

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) provide a simple way to reduce materials and interconnects by eliminating the need for a rigid subpanel. GMN can help you combine PCBs with other switch solutions such as keypads, backlighting, and display screens to create the ideal user interface for your application. We offer complete PCB manufacturing services including circuit board stack-up, design support, prototyping, and fabrication. 

Over the years, PCBs have evolved from single-layers that were commonly used in electronics to more complex systems with multi-layers. Just about every industry uses PCBs including medical, automotive, and aerospace. 

PCB manufacturing advantages

PCB manufacturing combines all membrane switch technologies into one device and offer unique advantages:

  • Ideal for portable devices
  • Contains both passive and active components
  • Tactile or non-tactile key options
  • Replaces rigid subpanels with mounting hardware
  • Can be cost-effective option for low volume production

Design specifications

Design options Specifications
Common cladding
  • 0.5 oz (0.007") copper clad
  • 1.0 oz (0.0014") added copper max
  • 1.5 oz (.021") finished copper max
  • ENIG plating per IPC specification
  • Nickel
  • Hard gold
  • Selectively screened carbon ink
  • Solder mask
Common thickness .011" - .250"
Materials FR-4 typical
Other options available