Graphic overlays

Overlays are a critical printed interface layer component in touchscreens, and membrane switches, or a standalone durable label providing both protection and a surface for graphic printing to create a functional and user-friendly interface. Often the first thing that a user sees when interacting with a product, graphic overlays can set the first impression of your product. GMN offers the most extensive array of overlay options in the industry, offering selective textures, printing, embossing, coatings, adhesives, deadfronts, and backlighting to create a specialized overlay solution. GMN can create state-of-the-art, ready-to-use control panels with a wide variety of graphic overlay options to match any specification.

Graphic overlay material options

The experts at GMN can help you select a graphic overlay material that offers the right protection along with the functionality, durability, and custom decoration needed for your design. Polyester (PET) is a resilient thinner material with resistance to chemicals and harsh elements. Polycarbonate (also known as Lexan) is easy to print, texture, and die cut. It is clear and gives a crisper emboss. Polycarbonate generally is more affordable than polyester. 

Design details Polyester Polycarbonate
Chemical resistance Broad range Limited
Actuation life > 1 million Up to 200K
Embossability Good Better
Ink receptivity Good Good
Flexibility Good Good
Fold endurance Better Good
Material thickness Up to .010" (.254mm) Up to .060"(1.52mm)
Flammability   UL 94V-2
Hygroscopic resistance Very good Fair
Outdoor UV resistance Contact GMN Contact GMN

Graphic overlay capabilties

GM Nameplate specializes in graphic overlays as static components for membrane switches, rubber keypads, and nameplates. We take pride in providing our customers custom graphic overlays to their specifications and requirements.