Manufacturing Partner for Product Development

When it’s time to partner with a manufacturer that understands your needs and your vision, turn to GMN. We have 60 years of experience working collaboratively with our clients to make innovative concepts a reality. Do you need to verify if your idea will work in the real world? We can assess your concept and provide design considerations for manufacturability to get your product to market quickly and cost effectively.

Development capabilities

At GMN, we love a challenge. Our development process often involves cutting-edge materials, unique processes, and innovative interface construction. Our expertise in construction techniques, materials, and manufacturing processes means we can find solutions to the toughest engineering problems. 

User interface systems

We can integrate a variety of technologies to enhance user interface, such as switches, displays, electronics, and backlighting. Learn more about GMN’s user interface capabilities.

Nameplates and labels

Whether you aren’t sure about materials, inks, or technology, we can guide the development of your nameplates and labels so they head in the right direction for your product’s needs. 

Printed electrodes

GMN is one of the only companies in the industry that can offer development for printed electrodes. Learn more about GMN’s printed electrodes capabilities.

Design testing

Within development we can test various technologies, materials, and sensors, or experiment with using non-standard materials and processes to find the best fit for your device. Research, development and prototypes can help answer the question: “Does this concept meet our expectations for form, fit and function?” Decisions made during the development process enable a smooth and timely transition to production.