Unique backlighting solutions are sought by many of today’s top brands to help their products stand out. GMN has decades of experience manufacturing backlighting solutions for a range of industries including automotive, medical, industrial control, appliance and electronics. From user interface assemblies to branded nameplates, GMN can provide you with design considerations and help you integrate the right backlighting solution for your program.

Backlighting options

Many new lighting options have come on to the market in recent years. GMN offers an array of lighting options and the know-how to help you select a technology best suited for your application.

  • Discrete LEDs
  • Light guide films
  • Fiber optic weave
  • Electroluminescence


With a state-of-the-art light lab, GMN can evaluate the performance of your backlighting solution as it functions within your user interface system. 

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Quality standards

GMN backlighting assemblies meet ISO 2001 quality standards. Our quality system standards ensure reliable transition from product development into production. 

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Backlighting design considerations

Specifications Fiber optics EL lamps Light guide film Discrete LEDs
Construction thickness Add ~.017" thickness Add ~.015" thickness Add ~.015" thickness Thickness varies
Ability to light up individual icons Limited Yes Limited Yes
Impact to tactile feel Medium Medium Medium Low
Require power source DC DC to AC converter DC DC
Requires additional tail connection Yes Yes No No
Cost ranking $$$ $$$$ $$ $

Your guide to backlighting solutions



Read our in-depth guide that explores the most popular backlighting technologies and equips you with a framework and design considerations to approach your next backlighting project.

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