Front panel integration

Integration for infotainment systems and center stack consoles

GMN Automotive can help you integrate an infotainment system perfectly suited to your unique application. As a veteran display/touchscreen integrator with experience in numerous design formats, GMN has the know-how to achieve your vision, whether it includes common or cutting-edge technologies. We have worked with customers to develop an array of technology solutions and integration strategies – from protective and anti-reflective films, to custom housing techniques to achieve long lasting performance in a variety of operational conditions. In addition, GMN Automotive helps guide customers through the integration process from start to finish. As the industry transitions towards new user interface technologies, GMN Automotive can help incorporate multiple technologies into a seamless system utilizing capacitive touch, buttons, keypads, and more.

Front panel integration with optical bonding

If you’re looking for a rugged infotainment system with intensely crisp images and superb contrast for readability, GMN Automotive has the solution.  We leverage Dupont’s Vertak® optical bonding technology, which offers the very latest in display enhancement options. When used in manufacturing, optical bonding significantly increases LCD readability in bright sunlight while also providing dramatically improved impact resistance and overall durability. Vertak combines the adhesion benefits of a silicone optically clear adhesive with the superior re-workability of an epoxy, while remaining optically clear and highly resistant to yellowing, delamination, and bubbling. It serves as the best solution for those that need a tough front panel display with superior clarity. When developing infotainment systems, you can rely on GMN Automotive for: