Whether a vehicle is built for extreme environments or commercial purposes, it is important for your brand to stand out. Our innovative technologies and experience allow us to stretch the limits when it comes to creating custom automotive badging. The broad spectrum of capabilities and materials offered by GMN Automotive, along with custom color development and graphic and finish enhancements, take your brand to the next level.

Our Lensclad technology adds a 3-D quality to graphics with a water-clear urethane coating.   Beautiful and approved for automotive exteriors, Lensclad is an ideal choice for any badging application from airbag ornaments to exterior center cap inserts.

Key fob logos speak to a brand even when drivers are away from the vehicle. GMN Automotive offers a variety of styles, colors, and materials to accommodate key fobs of all shapes and sizes.

Automotive 3D Electroform Badging

Custom 2D and 3D electroform nameplates use the electroplating process to deposit metal directly to the desired form – ideal for creating crisp edges, fine details, and raised graphics.

Automotive Embossed Badging

Attractive to the touch and interesting to the eye, embossing adds three-dimensional appeal and can be combined with virtually any nameplate. 

Automotive Plastics Badging
Plastic nameplates

Durable, versatile, and cost-effective, plastic nameplates can be molded into virtually any shape and offer numerous ink options including metallic, pearlescent, glitter, and more.

Automotive Textured Badging

The texture or pattern that is etched or diamond carved on a badge varies from extremely fine textures that create looks like a subtle shimmer, to coarse lines that add an unparalleled tactile quality to a branded component.

Automotive Electragraphics Badging

Our proprietary ElectraGraphics technology uses a stainless steel base with overlaid graphics plated in gold or chrome on the surface. ElectraGraphics is especially well suited for smaller parts with detailed graphics, as the process handles fine lines exceptionally well.