About us

For over 50 years, GMN Automotive, a part of GM Nameplate, has served as a premier manufacturer of brand identity and user interface components for a broad range of industries – from industrial equipment, aerospace, and transportation, to medical, appliance, and electronics manufacturing.

GMN Automotive has continued to build upon this diverse experience and longstanding commitment to customer service and satisfaction to produce customized decorative and functional parts in a variety of interior, exterior, and under the hood formats. As a Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier for many of the world’s leading automotive companies, GMN Automotive is committed to delivering high-quality solutions that meet the unique requirements and qualifications of the automotive industry.

In an effort to diversify our capabilities and better meet the needs of our customers, we acquired GMN Plastics in 2005. GMN Plastics increased our range of injection and compression molding services and added diverse plastic decorating resources.

In 2010, we further enhanced our automotive capabilities with the addition of Park Nameplate. A pioneer in aluminum decorating technologies, Park Nameplate was an industry leader in a diverse array of badging solutions. This addition now helps GMN serve as a primary source for unique and ornate badging, trim and accents for the automotive industry.

Our commitment to you

Without quality products, all other value we provide as a supplier is diminished. When you do business with us, we know that you trust us to meet your expectations. That is why we’re committed to the development of automotive manufacturing processes and products that meet or exceed your expectations every time.


We’re committed to manufacturing solutions that help our customers run their programs smartly.

We are proud of the accolades that our dedication to service and quality has brought us.

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