Engineering & design solutions

At GMN Aerospace, our achievements are rooted in strong collaboration and partnership with our customers. In today’s highly competitive aerospace manufacturing industry, GMN Aerospace strives to meet all our customer’s cost-down initiatives while continually innovating our processes and maintaining high quality and delivery ratings.

Aerospace engineering & design support

Our in-house engineering and design support teams are here to help you manufacture quality components while developing new ways to reduce time, costs, and streamline manufacturing processes. The GMN Aerospace team’s knowledge and practical expertise is based on decades of experience, which includes engineering assistance for customers spanning across industries as diverse as medical, consumer electronics, and automotive. We can assist you with every step from concept to material selection, to providing design considerations for manufacturability.

R&D capabilities

More than manufacturing, our in-house R&D group collaborates with aerospace manufacturers and suppliers to select the materials, processes, and decorative features that best suit their specific application.

Material selection services

Our R&D group offers complete material expertise and established relationships with leading material suppliers like 3M, Rogers, DuPont, GE, Dow, and Laird. We assist in product development efforts by helping material suppliers understand what our customers require; we work with them to help develop new processes, and learn about new materials directly from the source.