Molded plastics

As one of the only aerospace manufacturers in the region to offer in-house tooling support paired with comprehensive decorating options, we offer streamlined support to meet your injection and compression molding requirements. Through our plastics division, our dedicated product development engineers will assist you from concept generation through production. We continually strive to create high-quality components produced at a competitive price. Our facility is equipped with top-of-the-line molding equipment and our in-house tool shop has the ability to fabricate, adjust, maintain, and repair plastic injection tooling. In addition, our plastic machining capabilities allow us to alter molded parts and even assemble complete parts.

High-quality plastic injection molding

Our plastics division’s quality system is certified to the standards of AS9100D. GMN Aerospace customers can trust that we maintain the highest level of quality standards for all the plastics parts and components we produce. Our plastics division is also on The Boeing Airplane Company 5321 “Process Specification for Injection Molding of Thermoplastic Parts” qualified processor list (BAC 5321 QPL). We are proud to share that we are currently able to go into production of both Class I and Class II (following engineering FPQ) parts under the BAC 5321 QPL.

Class I and Class II parts under the BAC 5321 QPL offered by GMN Aerospace:

  • Type I – Interior parts with decorative surfaces
  • Type II – Interior parts without decorative surfaces
  • Type III – Exterior parts with decorative surfaces
  • Type IV – Exterior parts without decorative surfaces

Endless possibilities

For today’s aerospace OEMs and Tier 1 companies, most plastic components aren’t finished until they’ve been decorated and assembled. Whether the requirement is to match the whitest of whites for the Sky Type Interior of the future, or to decorate injection molded seat row markers, GMN Aerospace is the only injection molder that offers the industry the same tried and tested processes used by our customers in the automotive industry, like Toyota and Ford.

Collaborating with GMN Aerospace helps you meet your capacity needs and rate requirements. You win with our stringent adherence to product quality, efficient processes, and on-time deliveries because it’s all under one roof: screen and pad printing, robotics spray painting, laser etching, and assembly of value-added components like membrane switches and elastomer keypads.

“When it comes to custom injection molding in aerospace, there are just some items that cannot be compromised. GMN Aerospace by GM Nameplate has constantly hit all of our key metrics as an injection molder…” Read more