Integrated assemblies

As a leading global manufacturer of custom sub-assemblies and multi-functional user interfaces, GMN Aerospace seamlessly integrates internally produced parts as well as those procured from other sources. Some examples of our current work include passenger control units, flight attendant call panels, electronic outlet assembly, and LED boards. With diversified capabilities in printed electronics and specialized graphics, we have the unique ability to manufacture and assemble complete parts.

Value-Added Membrane

Putting all the pieces together

Choose from printed graphic overlays, membrane switches, and molded rubber or plastic keypads; our manufacturing capabilities provide you with multiple options to fit the form of your component to its function.

Our services encompass everything from design assistance, engineering support, and sourcing, to custom assembly, including:

  • Top-surface and second-surface printing
  • Backlighting options
  • Printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • Dead-front images
  • Decoration and finishing options

We looked hard for a supplier. The market is packed with companies who make promises. But we wanted a partner that could actually deliver – someone who was able to work a design that was in line with the goals of our airline customers…” Read more