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Frances Newman
Injection molded flammability placards
By Frances Newman Oct 13, 2017
Injection Molded Flammability Placard

As GMN Aerospace continues to pursue plastic opportunities within the aerospace sector, we have become increasingly more involved with the upfront support efforts for a variety of testing applications. Our latest effort has been in response to a frequent request we receive from our customers: to provide molded placards that support Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR 25.853 and 25.856) flammability testing and requirements. Most common tests include heat release, smoke density, insulation flame propagation, and smoke toxicity. These are all regulations that are strictly enforced for aerospace interior applications.

FAR 25.853 is a safety measure that was implemented to ensure fire protection for compartment interiors, and FAR 25.856 was put in place to improve flammability standards for thermal/acoustic insulation materials. All aerospace interior products must pass the FAR ratings for products over three inches.

What does this mean to GMN Aerospace? Currently, we engage in continuous collaboration with our internal dedicated plastics facility and external AS9100 suppliers in order to provide molded plastic placards directly to our customers in a timely fashion. As a result of the large amount of activity and involvement this requires, we have taken the initiative to build our own injection mold that will now produce a 12.00x3.00x0.080” placard. These placards are molded to the specified Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) size requirement for flammability testing in approved labs. Owning our own tooling will allow our team to meet the expeditious timeframes that come along with existing opportunities and open the door for new prospects. We can now offer our customers flammability placards at a much more attractive price and lead time.

In addition, GMN Aerospace was recently invited by a large and local OEM to participate in the procurement of an alternative aerospace resin, which could open the door for additional opportunities. Without the addition of our new tooling, GMN Aerospace would not have been able to take part in this program.

Mary Corrales
GMN Aerospace Garmin workshop and team building at GMN Plastics
By Mary Corrales Sep 20, 2017
Garmin Co-Divisional Workshop

Throughout the past 15 years, GMN Aerospace and GMN’s dedicated plastics facility in Beaverton, OR have worked together to support many different product lines for Garmin, a technology company that supplies GPS navigation and wearable technology to several industries, including aerospace.

Since both divisions put a great deal of effort into building these parts, a Garmin workshop was planned to take place at Elite Plastics. At this workshop, our partners at Elite Plastics were able to take a close look at the molding processes manufactured at the Seattle, WA Division. Leveraging lessons learned from similar focused workshops in the past, the GMN Aerospace team decided to travel down to the Beaverton, OR Division to take part in two days of the workshop. This provided another great opportunity for our two divisions to work closely and effectively towards the same common goal.

During GMN Aerospace’s visit, the entire team went on a factory tour. We had the honor of being toured by Dan Thurmond, President of Elite Plastics. Dan gave us an in-depth overview of their fascinating plant, the equipment, their capabilities, and the way the facility runs. Our team was even able to help put printed inlays into the injection molding tool. The opportunity to work with the machine operators closely really gave us a better understanding on how the processes work and various challenges can occur.

This workshop provided both educational and team-building opportunities for the GMN Aerospace team and our Beaverton, OR Division. We are proud to strengthen our intercompany relationships in order to continue to enhance our ability to work together effectively and efficiently.

Pictured above (from left to right): Aruna Raghuraman, Fran Newman, Reich Baltazar, Dave Hauskins, Paul Michaels, Mary Corrales, Jeff Root, Todd Boedecker, Chris Passanante, Jess Kriegel

Dave Klinkman
GMN Aerospace team receives recognition from The Boeing Company for quick-turn solutions
By Dave Klinkman Aug 09, 2017
Boeing Recognition Event

On July 18th, the GMN Aerospace team attended a Boeing recognition event at The Boeing Company’s Everett Delivery Center (EDC). The EDC is where Boeing makes its final deliveries of commercial airplanes to customers. The facility opened in 2013 to enable Boeing to meet growing customer demands, increase operational efficiencies, and provide enhanced customer experiences.

At this event, GMN Aerospace was recognized for the quick-turn work we provide to meet Boeing’s production delivery milestones and commitments to airline customers. Over the years, GMN Aerospace has been able to provide accelerated solutions for emergent part needs to ensure that airplanes get finished and delivered on time.

Boeing senior leadership members were in attendance, as well as a variety of GMN Aerospace team members ranging from leadership, to production, to quality, and more. This provided a special opportunity to create a direct connection between Boeing and the GMN Aerospace employees who actually work on the parts being recognized.

In the past 12 months, GMN Aerospace has delivered over 1.6 million parts to Boeing. Of those parts, approximately 20% per year consist of short-flow parts, meaning that they are manufactured and shipped to Boeing in five days or less.

The GMN Aerospace team is committed to doing whatever it takes to produce high-quality parts that are delivered on time, even with last-minute necessities arise such as when parts go missing or get damaged right before a ticket or delivery event. Airplane production rates are higher than ever before, and Boeing relies on their suppliers to adapt to increasing demands. As a partner of Boeing, GMN Aerospace has worked to consistently meet all volume and delivery requirements throughout the years.

Pictured above (from left to right): Fitzgerald Olivarez (Metal Photo), Roland Gayo (Thermal Printing), Sinh Vilaysom (Aerospace Customer Relations), Carlo Mears (VP of Aerospace), Sam Im (Aerospace Fabrication), Flora Maurera (Aerospace Account Manager), Pepito Abigania (Aerospace Quality Inspector), Dave Klinkman (Aerospace Special Project Manager).

Lauren Rowles, GMN
GMN Aerospace receives Boeing Excellence in Advocacy Award
By Lauren Rowles May 26, 2017
Boeing Advocacy Award

SEATTLE, Washington (May 26, 2017) – GMN Aerospace announced today that it has received a Boeing Excellence in Advocacy Award for 2016. The Boeing Company issues the award annually to recognize suppliers who have achieved superior performance in government outreach activities to help government policymakers better understand aerospace issues and promote legislation that support aerospace companies.

Boeing suppliers are uniquely qualified to speak on behalf of key business issues that strengthen awareness among community leaders, elected officials and decision-makers. 

In 2016, GMN Aerospace mentored and developed over 12 new minority business enterprises in sharing best practices on how to do business with Boeing, proactively aligned with PFS 2.0, and was an early adapter of the Citi Finance Supply Chain Strategy. In addition, GMN Aerospace demonstrated communication practices with BCA, BDS, CAS, and the Boeing Communications Department by being actively involved in state and national politics of the Export-Import Bank. Tim Keating, Boeing’s Senior Vice President of Government Operations, recognized GMN Aerospace as a true partner and advocate for all interest of success for Boeing.

“The spirit of collaboration between GMN Aerospace and The Boeing Company is one of the foundations of our long standing relationship,” said Paul Michaels, Corporate Director of GMN Aerospace. “This recognition is a testament to our team’s commitment to being an advocate not only for our customers, but for the constantly growing aerospace industry. We’re honored to be the recipient, and look forward to our shared success for many years to come.”

The influence of suppliers by engaging with policy makers can foster awareness that provides multiple benefits.

“Our supplier network is one of Boeing’s greatest competitive advantages when it comes to advocating for our shared interests,” said Kent Fisher, Boeing’s leader for enterprise Supplier Management. “Suppliers like GMN Aerospace represent a critical business voice to help decision makers understand the incredible impact that the aerospace industry has on their economies, employment and communities.

The Boeing Company and its supplier network encourage policy awareness in support of the aerospace industry and manufacturing businesses across the U.S. 

About GMN Aerospace

For more than 50 years, GMN has been serving the Aerospace industry with mandatory markings and placards, and other custom components. Today, GMN is equipped with AS9100C certification and has expanded its capabilities to include front panel display integration, switch technologies, plastics, large format graphics and more. Through the years GMN has received numerous accolades, including winning the coveted Supplier of the Year award from The Boeing Company four times. To learn more about why GMN is the trusted supplier of leading Aerospace and Aircraft manufacturers, visit our website  

Lauren Rowles, GMN
Paul Michaels speaks at 2017 PNAA Conference
By Lauren Rowles May 11, 2017
PNAA Speech

At this year’s Annual Aerospace Conference hosted by the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance, Paul Michaels, GMN Aerospace’s Corporate Director, was asked to speak about his experience receiving the Aerospace Executive of the Year Award last year, as well as present the award to this year’s recipient.

Michaels was honored to share how being recognized as the Aerospace Executive of the Year impacted GMN Aerospace. Michaels attributed his success to the contributions of the entire GMN Aerospace team, which made the award was a source of pride for everyone in the group.

“This recognition was a result of our team’s commitment to customer engagement and collaboration, and a dedication to fostering a culture of excellence,” said Michaels.

Click below to watch some highlights from Michaels’ speech and learn more about GMN Aerospace’s journey to creating a “culture of excellence.”

Lauren Rowles, GMN
GMN Aerospace Receives “Supplier of the Year” from Boeing
By Lauren Rowles Apr 13, 2017
Boeing Supplier of the Year

SEATTLE, Washington (April 13, 2017) GMN Aerospace has been recognized as Supplier of the Year in the Alliance category by The Boeing Company. GMN Aerospace was one of 13 companies honored last night for distinguished performance in working with Boeing.

In January, GMN Aerospace was notified that it was one of 480 companies to receive the Boeing Performance Excellence Award, which rewards performance excellence. Achieving the Supplier of the Year designation further acknowledges superior performance and labels this class of winners as the best of the best.

This year’s recipients represent an elite group among more than 11,000 active Boeing suppliers in nearly 52 countries around the world. This selection was based on stringent performance criteria for quality performance, delivery performance, cost, environmental initiatives, customer service and technical expertise.

GMN Aerospace provides Boeing with interior and exterior mandatory markers and placards, and injection molded plastic components.

This is GMN Aerospace’s fourth time receiving the Supplier of the Year recognition from Boeing. In addition, this is the ninth time GMN Aerospace has received the Boeing Performance Excellence Award. These achievements reflect and reinforce GMN Aerospace’s continual commitment to quality, excellence, and customer service.

“Aerospace is a global community, which means it requires global solutions and collaboration from all of us to continue to thrive, said Paul Michaels, Corporate Director of GMN Aerospace, “The GMN Aerospace team is honored and humbled to receive this recognition, as we work tirelessly in our persistent pursuit of affordability, quality, and world-class customer service and support to The Boeing Company. This partnership is something we are all incredibly proud of at GMN Aerospace. On behalf of our entire organization, thank you!”

About GMN Aerospace

For more than 50 years, GMN has been serving the Aerospace industry with mandatory markings and placards, and other custom components. Today, GMN is equipped with AS9100C certification and has expanded its capabilities to include front panel display integration, switch technologies, plastics, large format graphics and more. Through the years GMN has received numerous accolades, including winning the coveted Supplier of the Year award from The Boeing Company four times. To learn more about why GMN is the trusted supplier of leading Aerospace and Aircraft manufacturers, visit our website  

April O'Donahue
GMN Aerospace receives a Certificate of Appreciation at PNAA’s 2017 Annual Aerospace Confe
By April O'Donahue Feb 23, 2017
PNAA Certificate of Appreciation

At the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance’s (PNAA) 2017 Annual Aerospace Conference dinner, GMN Aerospace received a Certificate of Appreciation for our donation to the PNAA Next Generation of Aerospace Workers Scholarship Program. The scholarship program serves students pursuing aerospace educations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, and 10 different colleges.

Every year GMN Aerospace donates a $1000 to the scholarship program to benefit a student in the aerospace field. We donate annually in the honor of former GM Nameplate employee Brent Sletmoe, Aerospace Account Manager, who was with us for more than 15 years before he passed away in 2011. Accepting the PNAA recognition this year on behalf of GMN Aerospace was April O’Donahue, Aerospace Sr. New Program Manager.

Lauren Rowles, GMN
Backlighting solutions in the aerospace industry
By Lauren Rowles Feb 14, 2017
Aerospace Backlighting

The adoption of backlighting technologies has become immensely popular within the aerospace industry. In both new aircraft designs and existing platforms, aerospace manufacturers are implementing backlit applications virtually everywhere throughout the cabin and flight deck. From passenger controls, to exit signage, LEDs have the capacity to replace a wide range of technologies present on today’s airplanes – especially around passenger experience.

Backlighting offers both aesthetic and functional benefits. It can enhance the visual appearance of a product and make it stand out, while also aiding the end user in properly operating the device. A common aesthetic application used in the aerospace industry is colored backlighting to create mood lighting within the aircraft cabin. However, the functional aspect of backlighting is even more relevant to the aerospace industry as it helps to increase the safety of the aircraft. For example, backlit indicator signs alert passengers when it is necessary for them to take precautions such as fastening their seatbelts, and backlighting in the flight deck enables the pilot to easily and accurately identify the correct controls so they can stay focused on flying. In addition, since airplanes fly in a variety of lighting situations, backlighting allows for displays and controls to be operated in light and dark environments.

GMN Aerospace has years of experience of providing backlighting components and assemblies for a variety of aircraft applications, including cabin signage, passenger and crew control panels, instrumentation displays, and more. With in-house engineering support services and a state-of-the-art light lab, GMN Aerospace has the knowledge and resources to ensure that our backlighting solutions meet the highest quality standards.

For more information on backlighting solutions, visit our backlighting page.

Nick Schmidt
GMN Aerospace announces new long-term partnership with LIFT by EnCore
By Nick Schmidt Jan 19, 2017
LIFT Tray Table

SEATTLE, Washington (January 19, 2017) GMN Aerospace is excited to announce that the company has been selected to partner with LIFT by EnCore to deliver components for their novel Tourist Class Seat. LIFT, an aircraft seating manufacturer, has caught the attention of the aerospace industry with the sleek, simple, and ergonomic design of their new economy class seat.

At the 2016 Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg, Germany, LIFT and Boeing announced their collaboration, in which they are working together to create a seat that is spatially, structurally, and aesthetically optimized to complement the 737 Boeing Sky Interior. This is noteworthy because it marks the only collaboration of its kind to ensure consistent and efficient delivery to both Boeing and its customers.

From one-of-a-kind prototypes to full-scale production, GMN Aerospace is committed to providing high quality aerospace parts with world-class expertise and timely delivery. GMN Aerospace will provide LIFT with a variety of components for the seats including plastic injection molded parts, placards, and assemblies.

With over 50 years of experience serving the aerospace industry, GMN Aerospace will continue to build on its established reputation through this long-term partnership with LIFT by EnCore.

About GMN Aerospace

For more than 50 years, GMN has been serving the Aerospace industry with mandatory markings and placards, and other custom components. Today, GMN is equipped with AS9100C certification and has expanded its capabilities to include front panel display integration, switch technologies, plastics, large format graphics and more. Through the years GMN has received numerous accolades, including winning the coveted Supplier of the Year award from the Boeing Company in three consecutive years. To learn more about why GMN is the trusted supplier of leading Aerospace and Aircraft manufacturers, visit our website

About LIFT by EnCore

LIFT is part of the EnCore group based in Huntington Beach, CA. Founded in 2011 by Jim Downey and Tom McFarland, the EnCore group of companies serves the commercial aerospace and defense sectors with a range of products including seats, floor-to-floor interiors, galleys, monuments, and composite aircraft structures.

Tim Hudson
GMN Aerospace’s new Model 80 series processor for metalphoto
By Tim Hudson Nov 21, 2016
Aerospace Metalphoto Machine

GMN Aerospace recently received a new metalphoto machine known as the Model 80 series processor. The Model 80 is a dry-to-dry plate processor that performs all processes for developing, fixing, water rinsing, and drying of plates. This is an ideal machine for GMN Aerospace’s high output and high quality needs.

This machine can run all sizes of plates from 10”x12” to 20”x24”, and sheets with both single and double-sided images. It also runs all thicknesses of stock from .003” to 0.125”. The spring design of the rollers allow for all thicknesses of metal photo plates to be processed without any adjustments.

The Model 80 comes with an on-board developer cooling system, which is designed to keep the developer under 72 degrees for ideal processing. It also manages water and processing solutions with an automatic on/off feature and by recirculating rinse water to get maximum usage from clean tap water.

In addition, this machine has the ability to mate with our CTP digital exposure unit for inline processing, which allows us to expose, develop, and dry all in one motion.

This new machine was a by-product of our production Value Stream Team (VST) workshops, in which we set a goal to acquire more efficient equipment. The Model 80 should allow us to be more efficient and productive with metalphoto production overall and reduce bottlenecks in plate processing and handling. As a leading supplier of metalphoto products to the aerospace industry around the world, we are excited to take advantage of this improvement so we can better serve our customers.