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Cynthia Schulte, GMN
GMN Aerospace by GM Nameplate Seattle achieves AS9100C Quality Management Certification
By Cynthia Schulte Jul 03, 2012
Seattle AS9100C Certification

On June 27, GM Nameplate Seattle’s quality management system achieved AS9100C certification. GM Nameplate supports the aerospace industry under the brand name GMN Aerospace and the new certification provides quality system updates and improvements, specifically focused on the aerospace industry.

Prior to AS9100C, GM Nameplate Seattle has been AS9100B certified since 2007. As an aerospace supplier for nearly 50 years, GM Nameplate places a high importance on meeting all customer quality standards, regardless of their industry. GMN’s certified quality management system verifies the organization’s commitment to producing the highest quality products, and continually improving processes.

“Revision C to AS9100 is the most intensive we have ever met. The focus of AS9100 has moved to the effectiveness of a quality management system,” said Martin Espinola, quality director at GM Nameplate’s Washington division.

The revisions have an increased focus on risk management and purchasing controls to help ensure on-time and on-quality deliveries. AS9100C Certified Management systems are focused on the aviation, space, and defense industries.

“GM Nameplate continues to target perfection with honest and earnest commitment to performing our duties to the best of our abilities and always looking at how we are not only meeting, but exceeding our customer’s expectations,” said Martin Espinola.

For more information about GM Nameplate’s updated AS9100C Quality Management Certification please visit our certifications page.

About GM Nameplate

Established in 1954, GM Nameplate specializes in providing custom design solutions and manufacturing of branding components including nameplates, decals, labels and custom panels; electronic input devices such as membrane switches, rubber keypads and touch screens; decorated and molded plastic components; value added assemblies; and large format digital graphics. GM Nameplate is recognized worldwide as a leading international manufacturer, which provides products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations every time.

GM Nameplate is a privately owned company with corporate headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The company employs nearly 1,000 people throughout facilities in California, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, and Asia.

Customer Survey Trends for GM Nameplate and GMN Aerospace
By Elise Harrington Jun 08, 2012
Customer Survey Trends 2012

We recently posted about our bi-annual customer survey that was conducted this spring. In addition to the regular bi-annual customer survey, we also went over the trends in our customer surveys from the last five years. This project showed us what areas have improved and areas that continue to improve, as well as where we might need to focus more attention.

As a service-based company, our priority is always our customers — making sure we can meet their needs in the fastest most efficient way possible, while still adhering to our high quality standards. Trending our customer feedback has helped see how we are doing overall and where we continue to improve.

Over the last five years over 95% of survey participants say they would recommend us. We have steadily been trending upwards in all aspects of customer satisfaction. In addition, 91% of participants gave our responsiveness a rating of excellent or good.

Since we serve many customers in the aerospace industry it is helpful to see how our aerospace customers have rated us over the years. On average over the last five years, just over 94% of aerospace customer reported that they would recommend GMN. The top three reasons to why customers would recommend us over the last five years were because of great customer service (31%), quality (19%), and competitive lead time (11%). Among aerospace customers specifically, lead time and on-time delivery were the top reasons why they would recommend GMN.

After looking at our trends, we can see that overall we are heading in the right direction with customer satisfaction. As we continue to grow as a company it is important that we also keep in mind how our customers rate our service. 

Customer Survey Results for GM Nameplate and GMN Aerospace
By Elise Harrington Jun 04, 2012
Customer Survey Results 2012

GM Nameplate recently conducted its bi-annual customer survey, which included responses from customers who placed an order from November 2011 to April 2012 . The survey, which measures customer’s satisfaction is used to gauge how we are doing — areas that we need to improve, and areas that we are doing well. Regular customer feedback is imperative to ensuring that we are doing a good job, and continuously moving forward in quality, service, delivery and overall satisfaction. The survey includes customer from all of our brands and product lines with a significant number of responses from GMN Aerospace customers.

The survey, which was sent out to all customers that placed an order in the last six months, is made up of multiple choice and open ended questions covering all aspects of the customer experience. Aerospace customers made up about 36% of the survey participants.

We are pleased to report that our customers continue to give us high marks in several categories. In the following categories, 90% or higher of respondents gave a rating of Excellent (1) or Good (2):

  • Account Manager Order Acknowledgement
  • Overall Experience w/ Account Manager
  • Overall Experience w/ Salesperson
  • Engineering & Design Assistance
  • Account Mgr./New Product Mgr. Expertise
  • Delivery
  • Mfg / Industry Expertise
  • Order Process

Many of customers commented on the excellence of our customer service, stating that it was one of the main reasons why they choose to work with us. Over 96% of the survey participants said that they would recommend GM Nameplate. Customers responded that our price and quality was one of the top reasons why they would recommend working with GM Nameplate.

While there were many areas that highlighted what we are doing well, the survey responses also provided feedback on areas to improve. We have implemented measures to reduce lead times, streamline our account communication and assistance process, and continue to enhance our quality system. We are confident that you will see the direct results of our efforts in future projects with GM Nameplate.

Paul Michaels
Video of Exterior Aircraft Graphic Installation
By Paul Michaels May 01, 2012

Have you ever wondered how exterior aircraft graphics are added to a jet?  I recently came across this video about our installation on a Qantas 747 jet. The video is a bit old but it still gives great information including a time-lapse of the installation. GMN’s SuperGraphics division implemented the project and the plane was used in celebration of the Australia Grand Prix.

Paul Michaels
GMN Three-Time Supplier of the Year by The Boeing Company
By Paul Michaels Apr 19, 2012
Three-Time Boeing Supplier of the Year

Seattle – April 19, 2012 – GM Nameplate has been recognized as Supplier of the Year in the Interiors category by The Boeing Company. GM Nameplate was one of 16 companies honored on April 18th for distinguished performance in working with Boeing.

In January, GM Nameplate was notified that it was one of 529 companies to receive the Boeing Performance Excellence Award, which rewards performance excellence. Achieving the Supplier of the Year designation further acknowledges superior performance and labels this class of winners as best of the best.

“In today’s challenging business environment, an agile supply chain that continuously delivers excellent performance is critical,” said Jack House, vice president of Supplier Management for Boeing Defense, Space and Security and leader of Boeing’s company-wide Supplier Management program. “The supplier partners receiving 2011 Supplier of the Year awards have demonstrated outstanding commitment to providing our customers with the best-value, highest-quality products and services, while meeting the customers’ requirements and anticipating their needs for the future.”

This year’s winners represent an elite group among more than 17,525 active Boeing suppliers in nearly 52 countries around the world. This selection was based on stringent performance criteria for quality, delivery performance, cost, environmental initiatives, customer service and technical expertise.

“To receive Boeing’s Supplier of the Year for the 3rd year in a row is not only an incredible pioneering achievement, but a true testament to the spirit of collaboration we have with The Boeing Company. Our whole organization is focused on this goal as well as fulfilling every commitment no matter the size. With over 1.4 Million custom manufactured pieces shipped to Boeing in 2011, we have set our goals even higher for 2012.” said Paul Michaels, Director of GM Nameplate Aerospace. “We thank The Boeing Company for this exceptional recognition, and will continue our focus as a world-class provider of customer service and support!”

For more information on the Boeing Supplier of the Year award, including a complete list of award recipients, visit

About GM Nameplate and GMN Aerospace

GM Nameplate is known for its expertise in providing custom design solutions and manufacturing of branding components including nameplates, decals, labels and custom panels; electronic input devices such as membrane switches, rubber keypads and touch screens; decorated and molded plastic components, value-added assemblies, and large format digital graphics.

As a key part of GM Nameplate, GMN Aerospace is a recognized worldwide leader in the manufacture of mandatory markings and sub-assemblies for the entire aircraft. This includes interior and exterior mandatory markings, component supplier for passenger service units (PSU), custom plastic injection molded components, and aerospace sub-assemblies.

Since receiving its first Boeing order in 1960, GM Nameplate has provided Boeing and the aerospace industry with high-quality products and continues to build on its collaborative relationship with Boeing today. Quality and Delivery are the core focus to all GM Nameplate’s custom products, and the company has earned an overall composite rating average of Silver at 99.99 percent for both quality and delivery throughout the performance period. 

Carlo Mears
Sometimes the Customer Says it Best
By Carlo Mears Apr 06, 2012
April O'Donahue Customer Service

The team at GMN Aerospace takes a great deal of pride in our commitment to all of our programs and customers. Many times it is the little pieces of the business relationship that means the most. Below is a message that was truly an honor to share with the GMN Aerospace team:

Dear Mr. Mears,

I wanted to personally thank you and your staff for your fantastic support to the program. We have had multiple fire drills for the past several weeks. Each and every time your team has stepped up and supported our urgent requests. We are working to close our final certification walk deliverable early this week. We would not have made it without your help. I am certain it is the people that make GM Nameplate one of our top suppliers.

A heartfelt thanks, and know you and your team is directly contributing to the success of our Program.

Best Regards,

Ross K.
Interiors Chief Engineer

Carlo Mears
Video of Dream Wrap Tour
By Carlo Mears Apr 06, 2012
Dream Wrap Tour

Before there was “Dream Tour 2012” with Aircraft ZA003 there was another tour that took place supporting the 787. The team at GM Nameplate’s superGraphics division was the chosen company to produce and install eight flight simulators across five cities for the 787 group. We called it the Dream Wrap Tour. We are excited to share the time-lapse video of the install one of the five 787 simulators. You can follow ZA003 on the Dream Tour by logging on to

Carlo Mears
GMN Livery Backdrop for Presidential Speech
By Carlo Mears Mar 29, 2012
GMN Livery at Presidentail Speech

At GMN we strive to go the extra mile for every customer. However, there is a little extra incentive when you know your work will be the backdrop for the president’s next speech!

Boeing reached out to the GMN requesting a quick turnaround on logo and tail graphics for the exterior of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. They needed to be ready in time for Obama’s visit to the Boeing Everett plant on February 17th and the GMN team was working until the 11th hour to ensure that the rush job was completed on time yet still met Boeing’s visual and technical requirements.

The final artwork was turned over to aerospace group and our superGraphics division on Wednesday and within 24-hours they were ready. We had a representative on site working side by side with Boeing to install the livery until 10:00 p.m. the night before Obama’s visit. The exterior of the plane was looking top notch by Friday morning for the arrival of the president and spectators.

With such a tight a turnaround, there was excitement, adrenaline, and perhaps a little stress, but nothing can beat seeing your work behind president on television. Congratulations to the whole GMN team for a job well-done!

Below is a link to an article with great photos of the work which included the Boeing logos and United Airlines tail graphics.

You Did NOT Get a Preview of United Airline’s 787 Dreamliner Livery Yesterday

Carlo Mears
Celebrating the 1000th 777 Delivery with The Boeing Company
By Carlo Mears Mar 29, 2012
Boeing 777 Launch

The Boeing Company celebrated the delivery of the 1000th 777 to Emirates Airlines and GMN Aerospace celebrates over three million mandatory placards and markers being delivered to The Boeing Company for the 777 program. When we factor in all the additional customers that we have supported on this amazing airplane, we have contributed well over 10 million pieces to the 777 Program. It was an honor to be a part of the delivery along with all the suppliers, dignitaries and Boeing team members that were on hand for the event at Paine Field. Every time I see a brand new 777 I continue to be amazed how awesome that this airplane really is. I enjoy each ride as a passenger just as much as I did for the very first time.

Our whole team at GMN Aerospace takes a great deal of pride in every program that we support and the 777 is no less. We look forward to supporting The Boeing Company for the next 1,000 Boeing 777.

Cynthia Schulte, GMN
GM Nameplate Awarded Aerospace Company of the Year by Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance
By Cynthia Schulte Feb 14, 2012
2011 PNAA Aerospace Company of the Year

SEATTLE, WA – February 14, 2012 – The Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance presented GM Nameplate with the award for Aerospace Company of the Year at its 11th Annual Aerospace Conference in Lynnwood, WA on February 7th.

The Company of the Year Award is presented annually to the aerospace company that has raised the industry standard for the Pacific Northwest. Selection was based on strong management, organizational structure and competitive business positioning. The gathering included representatives from over 100 different Aerospace organizations so it was with great honor that Corporate Aerospace Manager, Paul Michaels accepted the award on GM Nameplate’s behalf.

PNAA also announced that it would be awarding $20,000 in scholarships to students pursuing aerospace education. Fourteen Northwest students from seven colleges received awards ranging from $1000 to $1500. GM Nameplate generously donating to the scholarship fund in memory of Brent Sletmoe, a beloved GM Nameplate employee. Turner Prewitt represented the company and handed the winning student their scholarship award.

About PNAA

The Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) has been promoting the growth and success of the aerospace industry in the Northwest for over 11 years. Its primary purpose is to help grow and maintain a viable aerospace industry in the region. This is accomplished through frequent educational and networking events and informing members and participants of important industry changes and business opportunities. A non-profit organization, PNAA derives sustaining support through membership and corporate sponsorships.

About GM Nameplate

Established in 1954, GM Nameplate specializes in providing custom design solutions and manufacturing of branding components including nameplates, decals, labels and custom panels; electronic input devices such as membrane switches, rubber keypads and touch screens; decorated and molded plastic components; value added assemblies; and large format digital graphics. GM Nameplate is recognized worldwide as a leading international manufacturer, which provides products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations every time.

GM Nameplate is a privately owned company with corporate headquarters in Seattle, Washington. The company employs nearly 1,000 people throughout facilities in California, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, and Asia (2).